AutoCad Shortcuts for an Architect
These are a list of must know AutoCAD commands and shortcuts for and Architect/Interior Designer/Draughtsman. We have filtered these few commands out of the hundreds of options that we have in AutoCAD. Hope this walkthrough is useful. You may also call this a “Cheat Sheet” for designers. Hope it helps.

Please comment here if there are any more interesting pointers/tips that you feel we should include here.



A ARC Draw an arc
B BLOCK Opens block dialogue box
C CIRCLE Draw a circle
CO COPY Copy an object
D DIMSTYLE Opens dimstyle manager
DIV DIVIDE Inserts point node a set division
E ERASE Erase a selection
EX EXTEND Extend a selection
F FILLET Draw an arc between 2 intersecting lines
H HATCH Opens hatch and gradient dialogue box
I INSERT Insert a block
J JOIN Joins 2 objects to form single object
L LINE Draw a line
LA LAYER Opens layer manager
M MOVE Move a selection
MA MATCHPROPERTIES Match properties of an object
O OFFSET Offset a selection
PL PLINE Draw a polyline
RE REGEN Regenerate the display
REC RECTANG Draw a rectangle
REN RENAME Opens rename dialogue box to rename blocks, layers, etc
RO ROTATE Rotate a selection
SP SPELL Spell check a selection – ALL to check entire drawing
T MTEXT Insert multiline text
TB TABLE Opens insert a table dialogue box
TP TOOLPALETTES Displays toolpalette
TR TRIM Trim a selection
U UNDO Undo last command
UN UNITS Opens units dialogue box
V VIEW Opens view dialogue box
W WBLOCK Write a block




H HATCH Opens hatch and gradient dialogue box
O OFFSET Offset an object by distance
REC RECTANG Draw a rectangle
REG REGION Region – for shading for example
LA LAYER Opens layer manager
LAYCUR LAYERCURRENT Change objects to current layer
LAYDEL LAYERDELETE Delete a layer by selecting object
LAYFRZ LAYERFREEZE Freeze a layer by selecting object
LAYISO LAYERISOLATE Isolates a layer by selecting object
LAYLCK LAYERLOCK Lock a layer by selecting object
LAYMCH LAYERMATCH Match properties of a layer
LAYMRG LAYERMERGE Moves objects from first layer to second and deletes first
LAYOFF LAYEROFF Switches a layer off
LAYON LAYERON Switches all layers on except frozen layers
LAYERP LAYERPREVIOUS Restores previous layer state
LAYTHW LAYTHW Thaws all layers
LAYWALK LAYERWALK Walk through layers
LMAN LMAN Access Layer manager to save and restore layer states






F1 HELP Opens Autocad help
F2 TEXTSCR GRAPHSCR Switches between text screen and graphic area
F3 OSNAP Switches osnap on/off
F5 or CTRL+E ISOPLANE Cycles through isoplanes
F6 or CTRL+D COORDS Turns coordinate display on/off
F7 or CTRL+G GRID Turns grid on/off
F8 or CTRL+L ORTHO Turns ortho on/off
F9 or CTRL+B SNAP Turns snap on/off
F10 or CTRL+U POLAR Turns polar on/off
F11 orCTRL+W OSNAP TRACK Turns object snap tracking on/off
F12 DYNMODE Turns dynamic input on/off




AA AREA Calculate the area
DI DIST Calculate a distance and angle
DDPTYPE DDPTYPE Opens point style dialogue box
ID ID Display the co-ordinate values of a point
LI or LS LIST Display information about objects in a text window
MASSPROP MASSPROP Calculate the region/mass properties of a solid
PR PROPERTIES Opens properties dialogue box
WHOHAS WHOHAS Displays who has a drawing open
XLIST XLIST Lists type/block name/layer name/color/linetype of a nested object in a block or an xref

More Commands:


  • PS/MS
  • XREF



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