Our trained group of architects and engineers love leaving their footprints all around the globe through their architectural marvels.

What is architecture?

Architecture is rightly termed as the mother of all arts.Architecture has to do with planning, designing and construction form, space and ambience to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic consideration.

Role of Architect

An architect is someone who is trained and licensed to work on the planning and design of buildings. They are professionals who lead the process of creating functional spaces, form concept and design to full realization of those designs.

Why architects of .and?

  • As architects we assist our client, in turning their dream to reality.
  • We help our clients to define what they want to built, present options they might never have considered and help them to get the most of their valuable investment.
  • As a team of professionals we solve problems creatively. Be it your space solving problem or budget, we have a solution for everything.
  • We can reduce building cost, decrease your homes energy needs and increase its future resale value through Good design.
  • We, architects can make your life easier. Once we handle the project we will take care of all your problems regarding all the building services.

Most importantly we assist the client in all the CMDA or local body sanctioning by appointing proper Qualified Consultant.Your ARCHITECTS represents you. Not the contractors. We in .and look out for the client’s interest and inthe process help you find qualified contractors , visit the worksite to protect the client against work that’s not according  to plan.